Hands On


What is the Empower ‘Hands-On’ Programme?

Empower ‘Hands-On’ is a programme of work activity giving each individual the opportunity to learn new skills and gain qualifications. It is not classroom-based and service users will learn in a real work environment with a supervisor. Each beneficiary will be assessed on work undertaken to achieve NOCN qualifications.

What’s the benefit for someone enrolling onto the ‘Hands-On’ programme?

The work undertaken by ‘Hands-On’ operates on a real commercial basis and provides evidence to employers that individuals are work-ready and suitable for employment. Individuals who complete the ‘Hands-On’ activity will achieve new qualifications; improve their CVs and have a better portfolio to demonstrate their ability to potential employers.

‘Hands-On’ experience really improves chances of gaining sustained work and is recognised by local employers as a pathway into employment.

How does Empower ‘Hands-On’ operate?

All ‘Hands-On’ trainees attend on a voluntary basis for two days each week. The programme operates in the same way as any workplace, with regular start and finish times over an eight hour working day. Tools, equipment and personal protective equipment are supplied to complete each task, together with the necessary guidance and instruction from a supervisor. The work undertaken can include:

  • Painting and decorating
  • Brickwork and blockwork
  • Plastering and rendering
  • Joinery
  • Site clearance
  • Fencing, gardening and landscaping

Other opportunities may also be available such as administration, catering and cleaning.

How can individuals enrol onto the Empower ‘Hands-On’ Programme?

Referrals to the Empower ‘Hands-On’ Programme must be approved by the Community Rehabilitation Company Case Manager. Either the CRC Case Manager or a Shelter Support Officer can complete a referral form and pass this directly to the Empower Programme office. Once we have received the referral, a member of staff will be in touch with the referrer to set up your first appointment.

At this point, we will work the individual to develop an action plan for engaging on the project. The project is designed to support users’ needs.